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12 Jun

Participation at ICEHL-21

Logo ICEHL-21
Logo of ICEHL-21

Logo ICEHL-21
Logo of ICEHL-21

The International Conference on English Historical Linguistics 21 finally took place this week after it had to be postponed from last year because of the pandemic. Plenary speakers were Claudia Claridge, Bettelou Los, Peter Petré and George Walkden, who all gave excellent talks. I likewise found the presentations and comments by the other participants stimulating, an inspiring reminder of why I work in historical linguistics in the first place. It was a very good conference!

I contributed a pre-recorded video on the loss of inversion after clause-initial "then":

(1) [then Þonne] [verb scalt] [subject þu], erming, up arisen
                 then               shall             you, miserable, up arise
‘Then you, wretched, will rise up’ (BodySoul,186.7.16.FragE, c. 1160)

(2) [then Þonne] [subject þu] [verb scalt] iheren þene hearde dom,
                  then                you            shall hear the hard doom
‘Then you will hear your hard judgment’ (BodySoul,201.7.35.FragE, c. 1160)

If you're interested, you can watch the entire video here.
I'm looking forward to going to more conferences again once this historic crisis is behind us.

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